Weekly Gaming – The Typing of The Dead: Overkill (PC)

As a Kid, I used to beg my dad to go on his PC and play some of the games I watched him play. I recall loving the look of The Typing of the Dead as it was a game that I remembered from arcades at the seaside, and wanted to revel in this myself. […]

The Typing of the Dead Overkill


Weekly Gaming: Titanfall (PC)

  Given the amount of hype TitanFall has received since its debut at E3 last year, I had to give the game a go on release day to see what all the fuss was about. Without thinking, I slammed £25 into the Origin edition from CDKeys.com and preloaded it onto my machine days before launch. […]

Weekly Gaming: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

A Link Between Worlds was announced rather unexpectedly last summer, as Nintendo showed of a line up of 3DS title after 3DS title. As much as it was a surprise, it was certainly welcome, with Skyward Sword not getting the same scores or sales numbers of Zelda titles of the past Nintendo needed a hit […]



My First Review on GamrReview

As some of you may have seen from my Twitter account, I not have a job writing for the website GamrReview. GamrReview articles appear on VGChartz.com, meaning my posts now have the possibility of being viewed by over 287,000 people a month, something that I feel will certainly get my name out there in this […]

Weekly Gaming: God of War: Ascension (PS3)

  Having played every other God of War game from the PS2 up, I couldn’t pass on God of War: Ascension. The main story may have ended in God of War 3, but I was more than happy to play Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta to learn more about Kratos’ past, and why […]



Weekly Gaming: Rayman Fiesta Run (iOS)

I loved Rayman Jungle Run when it was first released on iOS last year. I felt that the mechanics of a platformer translated perfectly to a touchscreen phone/tablet when you made sure the player was always moving on your behalf. Rayman Fiesta Run was released last fall, and along with it came a new urge […]

Weekly Gaming: Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS)

N.B. The following review will have no screenshots due to the 3DS’ lack of screenshot capabilities.  I’ve never played a Donkey Kong game before, they’ve always been on my radar, but I’ve never felt inclined to give them a go. I never even played the much revered N64 versions, as my family never bought it […]



Weekly Gaming: The Room 2 (iOS)

The Room One was a fantastic experience from Fireproof Studios, a newly formed company that comes from Guildford and where most staff members have had previous experience working on Little Big Planet’s content. It was a fantastically intrinsic puzzle game which seemingly come out of nowhere and managed to sell by the bucket load for […]

Weekly Gaming: Castle of Illusion (PS3)

This week, I take a look at Castle of Illusion, a remake of the original Disney game that came out for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for those American readers out there!). I loved Castle of Illusion as a child, huddled around a small CRT TV with my brothers taking in all the games gloriously […]



Weekly Gaming: Little Inferno (iOS + PC)

If you’d had given the pitch of a game where you can set things on fire, watch as items burn slowly and give coins after they demise, to a boardroom ten years ago, the executives in there would laugh you out of the room, claiming you were crazy and that it’d never make any money […]

Weekly Gaming: Shelter (PC)

Shelter has been on my radar for a while. I mean, a game where you play as a mother badger caring for its young in this harsh reality that is life is certainly a unique experience that doesn’t come around often, if at all in todays fast paced, adrenaline-fuelled industry. It’s a new game from […]



Weekly Gaming: The Stanley Parable (PC)

You think you know what the Stanley Parable is, but do you really? That’s the question the developers at Galactic Cafe will keep asking you throughout the course of the Stanley Parable, including before you even buy it. The whole game centre’s around the premise of getting your pre-conceived notions of what a game is […]

Weekly Gaming: Papo & Yo (PC)

I recall reading a edge article about how Papo & Yo was a landmark game for the Brazilian games industry, and how it showed they were starting to mature, becoming a part of our inclusive and unique industry. Whilst all of this is true, Papo & Yo isn’t just a great game because it’s Brazilian, […]



Indie Spotlight: Clobbr (iOS)

With Clobbr’s imminent release on Apple’s App Store, I managed to get a review copy from Czarcade, as I felt this lovely mobile game from a fellow indie studio would definitely be worth a look. The trailer looked quirky, and the screenshots certainly looked great in the time I’ve been following Czarcade on Twitter, so […]

Weekly Gaming: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PC)

I’ve read about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in the past, with articles usually talking about how its producer is a movie director by the name of Josef Fares, and how his background has shaped and influenced the design of the game. It’s certainly been on my radar, and I wanted it the day it […]