Twixel is now released!

You can buy my first commercial game, Twixel, for PC and Mac!

Project Dandelion

Project Dandelion, my first test project that I'll come back to at a later date.

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Twixel (PC + Mac)

Twixel, my first commercial game. Available now on iOS, Android & PC.

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About Caesoose

Click here to learn all about Caesoose Studios and its creator, Daniel Carreras

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Weekly Gaming: Ryse (PC)

I’ve been intrigued with Ryse since it first came out on the Xbox One. It’s troubled development (originally planned to be released as a Kinect game) and mediocre reviews that all said it had generic gameplay with shiny graphics made me hesitate on my purchase at the time. Now with Ryse being ported to the PC,

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