Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 2 DLC

Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 2 DLC

Asura’s Wrath Lost Episode 2 starts off straight away after the events of the first episode, with Ryu being defeated by Asura, Akuma appears wanting to push himself to the limits. The fight, as you can imagine, escalates to new levels of ridiculousness, but still feels tame compared to what the chapter 4 DLC brought forth to the table.

Lost Episode 2 takes no time to get going, making sure that you could potentially play Lost Episode 1 and 2 straight after each other with no time being wasted with characters and plot points being set up. You’re here for one reason only: to take on Akuma.

Gameplay is exactly the same as the last piece of DLC, you start fighting Akuma on a 2D plane as you would in street fighter, and as things escalate you start fighting in an arena style setting, like every other free moving part in the game. It’s a good combination, and one that certainly allows for some challenge and freedom when things start getting tough.

Asura's special against Akuma
Asura has a new set of special moves for this fight

One thing that should be noted is the detail the developers have put into Asura’s move set; Asura now has new set of special moves, completely different from when you were facing Ryu, giving nice new animations and spectacle to an otherwise same experience. This also applies to the 3D environment fight scene, with new counters and special attacks giving more finesse to the whole episode.

Once the DLC is finished, it takes on the same role as the last: allowing you to retry the fight sequence but with new challenges. I only had a chance to do one (To activate special 5 times in one fight), but they seem to be a lot harder than the last set. Definitely adds a lot of replay-ability to this episode.

So in conclusion: you get more of the same at the same price. If you enjoyed the first lost episode then you should have no qualms with this one, just be warned: This is not the end of Asura’s Wrath.

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