As much as I loved Asura’s Wrath, I just couldn’t bring myself to love this new DLC add on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just personally wish I had more Asura’s Wrath to play is all, and this is far from what hardcore fans will be looking for. The price is certainly worth it, for £1.40 (160ms points) you get another episode (filed under the “lost chapters section”) which lasts about 5 minutes game time, and around 10-15 minutes total. It’s certainly an extra, not adding to the story in anyway, but giving you that little bit of extra time showing the extent of Asura’s Wrath (which seems to be endless) The gameplay is definitely weird. Fans of Streetfighter will immediately notice that although the fighting style is familiar, the controls certainly aren’t. You have 4 buttons to press to fight, X makes fireball projectiles, A jumps, B…

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So I finally decided to play a game I knew I always should have. I’m glad I’m playing it on the PC, the graphics difference is insane! Here’s a pic of the game as it originally looked on the PS2: And here’s a pic of the graphics on my PC: To say I’m excited to play this game is an understatement

Upon reading Miyamoto’s thoughts on the Playstation Vita, a big bell of truth rang home: I have a £230 brick. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vita, it has huge potential, and I can see it lasting many years without being changed (except when it’s released in white, I love my white gadgets) but in it’s current form it really is nothing more than an expensive brick. I mean take a look at this: My Vita hasn’t moved an inch in 2 weeks. The last time it was touched was to plug it in as I saw it was dead. I had Rayman Origins, (which is a fantastic game by the way, the full console game in your hands), as well as Touch my Katamari, both of which were fantastic games, but both run their course and got old. I would gladly use my Vita as a portable emulator,…

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I was a massive fan of the original SSX, and loved SSX Tricky, so I was very keen to start SSX up for the first time in years. Upon being greeted with the title screen, it’s apparent EA are trying to give it a new style and branding, the intro made this all the more apparent. “SSX” stands for ‘Snowboarding, Surfing and Motocross’, a far cry from the ‘Super Snowcross’ from yesteryear, which is thrown in our face at every opportunity at the start of the game.This gives me the feeling that EA may start trying to push into other sports soon, something rather risky, but this is only my initial impression on what I’ve played so far. I’ve played the game for over an hour now, and I must say, I really am not enjoying myself. Not once have I felt in control of the action, and feel constantly…

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