I felt I needed to expand on my idea I put forward to other day, as I didn’t really put across any of the specifics of this project. (mainly because I don’t have specifics yet, just a bunch of ideas!)

But here are some pics of what I have planned so far:

Vice Versa
The initial ideas of my platformer

So my initial idea was to switch between realities so that the world changed, and maybe the physics was different (so the character could jump further/higher). I liked this idea, so decided on 3 different worlds that you chose between; Normal, Future, and 3D. (Which for the moment, don’t have any different physics, but this may change in due time.)

My thinking was that you could come across stumbling blocks in one dimension, that would be solved by jumping to another dimension. An example of which I’ve provided below:

Here, a player jumps between dimensions to get past obstacles

In this example, the character needs to get to the other end of the level, but the gap between the platforms is too large, so they switch to the 3D dimension and rotate the camera, enabling them to see a hidden switch, like the example below:

The switch to 3D camera allows the player to find things that wouldn’t usually be seen

Using this switch, the player then extracts a drawbridge, which allows the character to continue across the level, until they reach a new gap that has no switches and is impossible to jump across. The player then switches to the last dimension, the future, where everything is destroyed and desolate. Here, a tree has fallen in place of the gap, and allows the player to advance. Finally, in this example, the player can only advance in the normal dimension, since debris and a black hole are blocking the paths in the future and 3D dimensions. The player then finishes the level.

Although these are very simple examples, I feel that using this game mechanic can present a lot of challenges to a player, and give my game a unique twist on the platforming genre.

I’ll update more over the coming days.

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