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Welcome to Popcorn Simulator! A game where you’ll need to collect popcorn as soon as it pops to make sure you get as many points as possible!

Popcorn Simulator includes the following features:

  • Arcade Mode:
    • Collect corn as soon as it pops to get more points – wait a while and the popcorn will burn, resulting in minus points!
    • Collect as much as possible within 30 seconds, and share your score with friends and family to see if they can beat you!
    • At the end of the 30 seconds, see the exact popcorn you collected in a bowl
    • Feel your iPhone with taptic engine vibrate with every corn that pops! Depending on the size of the pop, you’ll get a little tap, big tap, or shake of your phone!
  • Automatic Mode:
    • Watch as popcorn pops forever inside of a saucepan!
    • Set your device down in front of your kids and watch as they’re amazed for hours on end at the constant popping corn
  • Fantastic unique features like:
    • Real sound effects taken from directly within a saucepan as popcorn was being made
    • Random popcorn sizes based on the explosion force

You can download Popcorn Simulator on iOS and Android using the links below: