I Done My First Interview!

I Done My First Interview!


Hi all,

So, in writing on my blog for 2 years now and writing for gamrReview.com for almost a year, I had never actually gotten around to interviewing a developer in what it took to make their game, and other questions consumers may have in mind for making a viable purchase of said product. Thankfully, out of nowhere I got an email from a PR representative on behalf of Rubycone Games who wanted to see if I’d be interested in an interview. I said yes and jumped at the chance to do this, and below, you can go to the published end result:


A few things I’ve learnt for future interviews though:

  • Make sure the software you use doesn’t corrupt any recordings you make, you’ll want to come back to the interview time and time again to ensure accuracy, or even a written transcript, something I couldn’t do in this example due to software problems.
  • Prepare well ahead of time, and give yourself half an hour of relaxing time before the interview to ensure you’re clear headed to ask the correct questions (Skype fucked up for me and had a problem signing in, meaning I was running around worrying for half an hour).
  • Write all questions well in advance, ensuring if you need to add to them you can.

All in all it was a fantastic first interview, the first of many I hope. Time will tell if this becomes a regular occurrence.

This Friday, expect a review of The Unfinished Swan for PS4.


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