One of my biggest strides in a long time

One of my biggest strides in a long time

So I’ve been working on my game today, and I haven’t made any progress in a while, until today that is.

I’ve finally been able to make my level randomly generated. I mean it’s rudimentary at the moment, and looks like crap, BUT it’s just a case of art assets not being up to scratch. In theory the logic behind the level generation works and is perfect for what I need.

I currently only have 2 levels to choose from, a open field and a forest. My game object travels at a set pace in front of the player, and generates content far enough ahead that the world looks like one continuos level. Once this content is used and goes off screen, it is destroyed and frees up space in the ram.

Next I’m going to work on getting the physics of my player set up. Currently the player can travel anywhere they want, I need to change this and just allow them to move left and right, not up and down. The game ends when they touch the ground or a obstacle.

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