Quick update on my future weekly gamings

Quick update on my future weekly gamings

Hi all!

Just a quick update really, in the future I’m going to give my weekly gaming article a review score. As much as I think reading a whole article will give a better idea about how a person feels about a game more than a score, sometimes a score is a good way to sum it up. (especially with my writing skills, I sometimes can’t articulate my feelings on a game.)

So as of today, I’ll be going through all my old reviews and giving them a score, whilst also giving any future review a score.

The scoring system will be as follows:

1/5: Do not touch this game, its a waste of money and I feel for the devs that made it.

2/5: A lot of flaws makes for a strange game. Buy it if you must, but be warned, it’s not for everyone.

3/5: A great game in its own right. Stands up to scrutiny, but could of been so much more.

4/5: Fantastic game that the majority of people should enjoy. Some flaws make for a few drawbacks, but nothing too bad/game breaking.

5/5: It’s hard to fault this game, people may have niggles, but in its own right it’s perfect representation of the game the developers were trying to portray, and won’t be bested for a while yet.

So that’s how I’ll be signing each review off in future, over and out guys!

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