Hi all! So this week I finally finished Life is Strange’s final episode. It was a fantastic series, and one that I’m sure will live on in gamers memories as a true testament of what adventure games can accomplish when they take on better subject matters and have a brilliant writing staff. Telltale game’s last few entries into the adventure game market really have left me stumped with how hollow I’ve felt from them, so here’s to hoping they learn from DontNod studios’ fantastic writing. The review in question can be found below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/261900/life-is-strange-episode-5-polarized-pc/ As always, thanks for visiting, and I hope you all have a brilliant week! -Dan

Hi all! This week I managed to play the latest episode in Life is Strange’s great campaign. Being the fourth episode of five, you won’t be surprised to learn that many mysteries are coming to an end, all whilst others are popping up. If you wanna give the review a read, hit up the link below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/260439/life-is-strange-episode-4-dark-room-pc/ Thanks for visiting! -Dan

Hi all! So this week I take a look at Square Enix and Dontnod Studios’ latest in their new episodic adventure game series, Life is Strange: Episode 2; Out of Time. I thoroughly enjoyed this instalment, with massive plot twists and decisions to be made, it was always going to be a good one. If you want to read my full review on it, click the VGChartz.com link below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/258781/life-is-strange-episode-2-out-of-time-pc/ As always, I hope you’re all well, and until next week, I’m over and out! -Dan