The following review was done at the beginning of the year when I received a early access review copy of Catlateral Damage from it’s developer. Due to problems at the time, as well as my awful writing, I never got around to publishing it. Read it now before I decide to take it down: Love cats? Then you’re going to love Catlateral Damage, the game which’ll have you exploring a procedurally generated house whilst making an absolute mess of it. Your reason for doing so? Cause you’re a cat, you don’t need any further reasoning. The game’s easy to understand and play; you’ll explore randomly generated houses and will need to push as much of your owners stuff onto the floor as possible. You achieve this through two means; either using your paws to whack things off, or walk into them, ensuring they smash onto the floor from whatever height they’re at. It’s…

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Hi all, Sorry this is a little late but things have been hectic recently. Twixel is well on course to being released December 18th (after it was delayed by a month), and I’ve been playing many games to review for gamrReview. This week, I look at Soul Axiom, a game by Wales Interactive, and one that looks set to be an interesting experiment. To read it, click the link below: I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your continued support, Dan