Please note that whilst I know the developers of Super Toys Cars (Eclipse Games) I will try my best to provide a review as unbiased as possible.  Super Toy Cars has been out for a long time, but with its recent release on the Xbox One, Eclipse Games sent me a review copy to have a bash at. Over the course of 6 hours I bumped and bashed my way through all 48 levels, getting 575 gamerscore in the process, so I’m pretty qualified to give my opinion on the game. If you wanted an example of what Super Toy Cars resembles it’s Micro Machines grown up. You play as a tiny car racing against 7 other cars (of varying makes and models) and proceed to race around tracks that are made of all the small things a child would have access to (cereal boxes, sweets, games etc). There’s many…

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Hey all, Hope everyone’s well! Last week I was at Develop conference, so please by all means check out my articles over at! Regardless, this week I look at Tachyon Project, a game by Eclipse Studios. I enjoyed it, and found it a love letter to Geometry Wars: As always, thanks for visiting, and thanks for all your support 🙂 -Dan