Hi all! This week I take a look at Kamiko, a cheap-ass game for the Nintendo Switch which is fairly enjoyable and actually gives quite a lot of value for it’s money. It may be repetitive, but when you’re only spending £4.49 on a game (the equivalent of a coffee!) for your new platform, you know it’s actually a good deal. You can read my full thoughts and opinions on the game over at VGChartz.com below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/268141/kamiko-ns/ Until next week guys and gals! -Dan

Catherine’s been on my to do list for years now. The game has always fascinated me: taking control of a man who needs to decide between his girlfriend of many years and a new girl on the scene. It always appealed to me, as it’s exactly where I am in life at the moment, with me reaching my 30’s soon and not settled down (whilst everyone else around me is having kids and getting married). After I had heard good things for years, I finally started looking into buying it, only to find that it was already on my PS3 as it was free on PS+ many years ago. Trying to find a perfect time to play the game was a challenge though. Thankfully, my friend and I was looking for a new game to complete together, and decided on Catherine, since we could see the story whilst taking it…

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