Hey all, This week, I’m looking at another Mike Bithell game. This one come out of nowhere, which in turn made me push back quite a few other reviews, but for good reason. It’s a short, narrative driven game which could be considered a text-adventure game. You play as a Tek (this world’s robots), who has to investigate and get to the bottom of why Tek’s are disappearing. Through sitting down and not moving at all, you interact with other Tek’s as they get on and off the subway cart you’re on. It’s a unique concept, and one I really enjoyed. If you want to read my full review, you can do so at the link below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/269115/subsurface-circular-pc/ Anyway! Until next week! -Dan

Hi all! So this week I managed to get a review copy of Volume, and set about reviewing it over the course of an entire night. It’s a fantastic stealth game that really brings the genre down to its core essentials, emitting things we take for granted like graphics and sound. Overall, a great game, but with some nuisances, like the voice acting and music. As always, if you wanna give my review a read, click the link below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/260707/volume-ps4/ Thanks for visiting! -Dan


Note: I wasn’t going to write a full review for Thomas Was Alone due to a bunch of other games I’ve been playing, but I then realised that just because it’s an indie game, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get treated the same as Triple-A budget games. Especially due to how much this game touched me and made me rethink my own ideas on platformers and characterisation. So here it is, a review on a relatively recent indie game, enjoy! Thomas Was Alone is a platformer stripped down to its core mechanics, a player moves a character across the screen trying to get from point A to B using different techniques. It’s not only stripped down to its core mechanics in gameplay, but also in graphics, with every character being simple geometric squares and rectangles which can move at different speeds and jump at different heights. Everything that I just said…

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