Yo all! Just a little update – whilst I have indeed been keeping up with my one game a week scheme, you unfortunately haven’t seen a review on here in a while as the games I reviewed/completed are well before their release date, meaning they’re all embargoed. Rest assured that once the embargoes are up, they’ll all be posted on here, meaning I’ll definitely have 52 game reviews on the site by the years end. In other news, I’ve been hard at work on my popcorn simulator game, and am quite happy with the progress made. I think it should be done soon (says every games developer ever), so will post more details in the coming weeks, but otherwise, I’m excited! Hope you’re all well, and until next time, have a great week! – Dan

Hi all! Just a quick update really, in the future I’m going to give my weekly gaming article a review score. As much as I think reading a whole article will give a better idea about how a person feels about a game more than a score, sometimes a score is a good way to sum it up. (especially with my writing skills, I sometimes can’t articulate my feelings on a game.) So as of today, I’ll be going through all my old reviews and giving them a score, whilst also giving any future review a score. The scoring system will be as follows: 1/5: Do not touch this game, its a waste of money and I feel for the devs that made it. 2/5: A lot of flaws makes for a strange game. Buy it if you must, but be warned, it’s not for everyone. 3/5: A great game…

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