Thoughts on Miyamoto’s comments of the Playstation Vita

Thoughts on Miyamoto’s comments of the Playstation Vita

Upon reading Miyamoto’s thoughts on the Playstation Vita, a big bell of truth rang home: I have a £230 brick.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vita, it has huge potential, and I can see it lasting many years without being changed (except when it’s released in white, I love my white gadgets) but in it’s current form it really is nothing more than an expensive brick. I mean take a look at this:

Poor Poor sad Vita
The sad truth of my PSVita, a pretty brick

My Vita hasn’t moved an inch in 2 weeks. The last time it was touched was to plug it in as I saw it was dead. I had Rayman Origins, (which is a fantastic game by the way, the full console game in your hands), as well as Touch my Katamari, both of which were fantastic games, but both run their course and got old.

I would gladly use my Vita as a portable emulator, playing all the PSOne classics like FFVIII, Crash Bandicoot and many more, but Sony have yet to release this feature. So it seems until Sony get their fingers out of their arse and actually do something, or some lone wolf online cracks the Vita, my £230 luxury item will continue to be what it does best: being a pretty brick.

(P.s. If you think about it, that flat touch back really does allow the Vita to lay down without moving an inch. Genius!)

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