Twixel has been Greenlit!

Twixel has been Greenlit!


It’s happened!

After almost 2 long gruelling years, Twixel is going to be made available on Steam!

While this is cause for celebration, it’s also a time for introspection.

I admit, I have not been a good developer. Given how lacklustre Twixel sold when it was released on PC, and again on iOS and Android, I kind of gave up on the idea, and started working on other prototypes. But here I am, a year later, realising I was a fool and regretting the fact that I should have continued to work on Twixel well past it’s release date. I knew it still had problems, and I had feedback others recommended. It was just easier I suppose to look forward to the next project rather than support the one that had already made it.

Thinking about it, and looking back, it seems that in not updating the game I actually done myself a disservice. All that time and effort working on the game, only for me to not follow through on it’s potential. Suffice to say, I will not be making that mistake twice.

The next couple of months are going to hard as I go back to Twixel and port it to Steam, but it’s going to be worth it. Having the game in front of a potential 125 million customers is a huge incentive, and one that should keep me going until I manage to get the game fully ported.

Once this has been done for Steam, I’m going to work hard and bring every improvement listed below back to mobiles, as I know there’s a few bugs on there too!

Until then, Thank you all for voting, and please see the list of things I’ll be working on bringing to the Steam release:

  • Improve look of game (shaders across whole game)
  • improved music reaction (obstacles will now bounce up along with level)
  • Tweaked control system
  • More obstacle variations to avoid
  • Better procedural generation of obstacles
  • Improved control scheme
  • Changing of save file system (have since learnt how to serialise data, so will be putting that to good use!)
  • 4 new songs added to hyper levels
  • Improved GUI presentation
  • Improved Scene Management/transition
  • Full Xbox One/Xbox 360 controller support
  • Steam Achievements and Cards
  • New Achievements Pictures
  • Steam Leaderboard integration
  • Better Twixel Trailer (Once improvements are made!)

Thank you all once again, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress!


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