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Twixel has now been released on Steam! To buy it, head on over to: 

Twixel is now available to buy on! Please head over to it’s own website to buy the game.

Twixel is now on Steam Greenlight! Please go and vote for it over at to help me out 🙂

Build 27/10/2014: I haven’t updated this in a while, but the build above is the same build I sent out to testers. The game is near complete in terms of features found in the game, but I’ll need to add a few more levels (for random sides) and it needs a lot more polish based on what testers have said about it. Each level now has at least 16 obstacles to avoid, and I’ve spent the last week making hybrid randoms that will be used on these new levels I’m going to add. Apart from that, I cannot remember how much more has been added to the game over the last few months (it’s been far too much!) but give it a go above 🙂 I hope you enjoy it.

Build 30/7/2014: A lot has been done in the last few weeks. I’ve polished up the camera thanks to a script online that allows the screen to stay the same size regardless of the aspect ratio of your monitor. Fixed the text in the top right of the screen mis-aligning and now will always stay where it is as it’s anchored correctly. Changed the whole collision detection to now use unity’s in-built physics engine, by using rigidbody.AddForce instead of transform.position. This means that the players don’t move as fast as they used to, but will never go through walls and shouldn’t have problems on most of the obstacles. to compensate for the slower player movement, I’ve made the levels slightly slower, but need to work on reconfiguring the distance between obstacles and the spawn time due to some obstacles being impossible to pass. There’s now a tutorial level when you first boot up the game, so if you’ve never played before you’ll need to follow the instructions when you boot the game up.

Build 9/7/2014: Easy Level has been fixed (would previously break and would spawn obstacles too close together).

Build 6/7/2014: Hard level now has obstacles and can be played forever/until you die. Changed the way player movement is processed (it’s now processed in the update frame rather that the fixed update frame), but this’ll need more tweaking as time goes on due to how…. glitchy precise movement feels on the harder obstacles. Background has changed for each level, but I’m still not 100% sure on the way it looks just yet. This will need more refinement as time goes on. May have made the first level impossible past a certain point, but this will be resolved in a future update. In my messing around, I’m tempted to say my game is almost (but not quite yet) beta. Once in Beta, I’ll get as many friends or family to play the game, publishing it on twitter and Facebook to see what can be tweaked with the game. Still unsure as to whether to charge for the game just yet, tempted to say this is just a demo project for practice as I move on. Will spend the next few weeks getting the xbox controller working with the game.

Build 8/6/2014: The options menu now allows you to reset all your high scores (with no warning in game, so be warned, the second you press it, the game will just do it). Music has now been added to the game, it’s a placeholder, from a royalty free website, so this is nowhere near the final version. The Medium level now has rotating and moving obstacles that will take a bit of getting used too, this will in time be combined with static objects, making for a difficult level. The death screen has now changed, and now has a delay between the player dying, and the screen showing. This is so the player can see where they died (the cubes animate and increase in size to show you where you died). If you’ve increased your Highscore, the death screen will now display the fact you’ve achieved a highscore with text that animates. The Hard level now has a stage, but has no obstacles, so it’ll go on forever if you select it.

Build 4/5/2014: The new main menu has been refined, with 2D/3D now taking up the same space. Have added an options menu, which has credits, and a button for resetting progress (the reset doesn’t work just yet). Have made the obstacle spawner select different obstacles depending on the amount of time thats gone by. This is done by each level having 3 different arrays, all with varying difficulties. The level menu has all 3 there, but only Easy works so far. The whole interface is controlled using the < and > keys on your keyboard (more keys will be assigned at a later date). You can retry a level using the space key, and exit a level using the escape key. I’ve added high scores to the menu, which is saved to your machine, so when you come back the game remembers all your scores. Made a new interface thats consistent across the level select menu, and the game itself, which shows your best score and current score in the top left and top right corners. Still a lot more to be done.

Build 23/4/2014: Made a new main menu which can now be controlled via the keyboard alone. You’ll need to use the left and right buttons to move the cube around, and the space bar to select. I’m not 100% sure about the design of the main menu in it’s current state, and made have to create words that just appear on the screen as you move left and right, but time will tell.

Build 6/4/2014: Managed to buy a copy of photoshop and make a wall texture that moves along with the ground. Problem is, you can only see the wall when you get close to it. Will have to investigate self illumination or find a way of illuminating the walls without taking away from the scenes aesthetics.

Original Post: This build will be updated as time goes on. Apologies for the bugs present! Best to play in fullscreen by clicking the button in the bottom right corner. Use A and D to control the left (blue) cube, and the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys to control the right one. Have also programmed it to work with 360 controllers. Things to do:

  • Make harder obstacles (that aren’t just a case of pressing left and right).
  • Make a wall texture.
  • Refine Collision Detection (Rays are a nightmare to work with, but offer so much more control over Unity’s built in collision system).
  • Make moving obstacles (that will be white in colour for better user interaction).
  • Make main menu usable via keyboard (aim is to have no mouse requirement for 360 controllers or keyboard).
  • Make 3 different difficulty levels.
  • Refine 2D art style to ensure main menu looks correct when switching between styles
  • Make death animation/refine death sound.
  • Make catchy music!
  • Refine procedural generation: The game just randomly generates an obstacle from an array every 3 seconds. Need to either design 10 second long intricate stages, or better my programming to ensure the stage becomes one continuous level.

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