Gaming Week 4: Haunt the House (Playstation Mobile)

Gaming Week 4: Haunt the House (Playstation Mobile)

Haunt the House is a charming little game made for the playstation Mobile store. I thought I’d give it a crack since it looked quite original and well thought out. Little did I know that I’d be hooked for an hour playing non-stop to scare all the people in these four houses and unlocking other ghosts along the way.

It’s a Playstation Mobile game, so not a long game by any means, but it’s the charm of the game that see’s it through to the end, ensuring you’re constantly put in awe at the little set pieces that make this game a pleasure to play.

Players start as a ghost, which they then are asked to control to move around the world. No context is given for this ghost, but you’re given freedom to explore and do as you like, which works to the games favor. You will eventually come across one of the 4 houses to haunt (Hospital, Opera House, Museum, Boat) upon which you’ll have to control certain objects to scare the occupants of each stage.

Players of the flash game (Found here: will be aware of the terror meter at the bottom of the screen is your main point of call. The higher it gets as you scare more people, the scarier the things you can do with the objects you possess, examples include making a T-Rex skeleton munch a man, make a chilling hand pop out of the drawers and many more.

I’d hugely recommend Haunt the House to many friends and family, but would warn them at the same time about how short the game is (It took me 50 minutes to 100% complete it).


  • Charming, Creative game that feels very thought out.
  • Lovely smooth graphics that stay true to the flash game that came before it.
  • Cheap


  • Very short
  • Can be considered tedious due to same game mechanics.

A fantastically realised little original game that I’d recommend to anyone who has a PS Vita and needs something to pass the time or experience.


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