The following post is a follow up to my previous post on Ouya’s Free The Games campaign which can be found here: Why I call Bullshit on Ouyas Free The Games campaign successes Today, a marvellous victory has been won for all indies everywhere that want to one day use Kickstarter as a valid investment source. Elementary, My Dear Holmes (made by Sam Chandola), has recently been suspended due to unusual activity on its account (this was the Kickstarter project that had many fake profiles, included a poor lady that has been missing for months and many fake celebrities). Sam Chandola, the creator Elementary, My Dear Holmes has stated in the Kickstarter comments: “We love point-and-click adventure games and this will, by no means, stop us from pursuing Elementary, My Dear Holmes. We are devoted towards the project and will be seeking private equity to finish this up. And I’m…

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