Gaming Week 7: Gravity Rush (PS Vita)

Gaming Week 7: Gravity Rush (PS Vita)
Gravity Rush Main Menu
The screen that greets you when you open the game

Gravity Rush started off as a somewhat interest of mine. I’ve always been into Anime, and the style of Gravity Rush certainly helped in my decision to play it. What I didn’t know was how attached I would become to the quirky little world and it’s inhabitants, and most importantly, the clever mechanic of controlling gravity itself.

You begin the game as with a lot of games in this generation: you awake not knowing who you are or where you came from. You’re definitely a blonde girl called Kat, and you’re definitely in a strange city. Walking around you discover a cat, which allows you to manipulate gravity. For a start it was pretty straightforward and not too interesting. Where the charm and strengths are shown though is in the city, and the imagining of the whole world.

The city is fantastic, in fact, the whole world of Gravity Rush is fantastic. Landscapes and vistas are gorgeously rendered on the PS Vita’s hardware, allowing each section of this floating city to have it’s own personality. The game is split up into these sections, and as you progress through the story you unlock each new area, and a slight new direction of Kats past.

Floating around the city is a fantastic time waster

I say a slight new direction, as that’s all it is, even by the end of the game you haven’t learnt much more about Kat, you merely get a few “nudges” as to what/who she could be. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it means there could be potential sequels, I just feel they could have dived into Kat’s character a bit more, rather than Kat being the typical hero.

Gravity Mechanics are what make this game extremely enjoyable. I spent hours just gliding around cities trying to find hidden gems. They have a certain charm, ensuring you’re not bored of a location despite how long you may have to spend there. Each location has challenge side quests, along with many characters to talk to. It all helps to make you a master at the gravity physics, and allows you to get a better feeling of the world and it’s inhabitants.

Pffft.... pig
Inhabitants go about their daily life, occasionally you can talk to them


  • Very unique and ambitious ideas
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Good story with twists and turns


  • No definitive “end”

So all in all, I’d hugely recommend people play this game if you have a Vita. It started development as a PS3 title, which shines through when taking into consideration how long and engaging the game actually is. Considering it’s free and included in the Playstation Plus at the moment, you really have no reason not to play it.


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