GOTY 2015: My Favourite Games Played 2015

GOTY 2015: My Favourite Games Played 2015

Hi all,

It’s that special time of year again, the time where we summarise what we liked (and what we didn’t) before our inevitable death. It that’s a bit too dark for you, sorry, but lets get on with my top 10 games!

(For those of you who don’t know, this list encompasses both new and old games, and is only a reflection on what I have personally played this year).

10. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Whilst I’ve played my fair share of action games in the past, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence really well and truly was a fantastic game that helped to reinvigorate my love of action games. It’s story was a little non-sensical, but at the end of the day, I’ve heard that of every Metal Gear game of the last few years.

9. Metrico

This stylish platformer changed my perspective on what a platformer game truly can be. Some of it’s brilliant puzzle ideas may actually find it’s way into my next game, due to their simplicity and brilliant attention to detail. To say it’s a must-play is an understatement, and I hope many more people get to play this fantastic platformer in the future with the games imminent release on PS4 sometime in 2016.

8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

What started out as walking simulator soon turned into one of the most exciting games I’ve played all year. The Vanishing of Nathan Carter genuinely tricks you into thinking it’s another Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture, but soon, through mini tales, tells a great story about a little boy named Nathan and his fantastic imagination. If you haven’t played Nathan Carter, do so: you will not be disappointed.

7. DMC: Devil May Cry

I’ve loved Devil May Cry ever since I was a little git skiving from school because of a cold. Playing as this awesome man named Dante taking on a bunch of demons from the underworld truly appealed to my teenage sensibilities, and has stuck with me even now when I’m 28. Playing through DMC: Devil May Cry by Ninja Theory, I was annoyed at first by the hair and stylistic changes they had made, but truly admired what they done to the gameplay, and looking back now at the end of the year, I can honestly say it was one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. Ninja Theory should be proud of what they done to this franchise, I know that I am proud of them for allowing DMC a few more years of relevance in this industries darkest, sequel driven, times.

6. Shadow Puppeteer

After seeing the game and speaking with it’s Norwegian creators at EGX 2015, I had to have my hands on a game that truly conjured up images of Tim Burton the second I laid eyes on it. Shadow Puppeteer wasn’t without it’s faults; the platforming felt a bit too glitchy at times, but it was truly stunning to watch, and brilliant to think about it’s puzzle mechanics.

5. Grow Home

I haven’t sat down with a game and been so enthralled by it that I complete it 100% in a long time. Grow Home broke this streak for me when it became available on PS4 recently, to which I was so hooked I genuinely sunk around 8 hours into it before coming away satisfied that I had uncovered everything the game had to give. Whilst Grow Home is no longer free on PS+, I’d still recommend giving the game a go. Every friend I’ve spoken to who’s played the game loves it.

4. Not a Hero

Hilarious and patriotic are not words you hear often in the games industry, but both are perfect descriptors for Roll 7’s crazy and manic shooter Not a Hero. Every press of the trigger had me chuckling to myself as enemies would swear english profanities in my direction. Along with the hilarity, there was also good gameplay, a seemingly repetitive shooter but one that has depth due to how small and complex the levels are. The objectives played out on said levels are also the cream on the cake.

3. Rocket League

I spent over 100 hours playing Rocket League; a feat I thought I no longer had in me due to other responsibilities in my life. But Rocket League properly grabbed me, so much so it was hard to look away. I knew I had it bad when I got home drunk from town one day, barely able to walk, yet still sober enough to think “I need to play Rocket League!”, and so I plonked it on the TV. I done terribly of course, but it still stands as a testament to how fun Rocket League is, and how it easily earns a top spot in my GOTY awards 2015.

2. Life is Strange

It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes Life is Strange so damn special. Maybe it’s the new perspective on a life I never knew, maybe its the lovely hand painted textures and graphics, or maybe, just maybe, it’s because the story had me talking with friends and family in ways a game hasn’t for many years. Life is Strange is a landmark moment in the games industry: it’s still AAA enough to reach a mass audience the indie scene could only dream of, but is also tackling subjects the AAA industry frequently don’t speak about. Topics from Suicide, murder, proper characterisation and many more are truly excellent in (almost) every aspect. Dontnod should be proud of what they’ve produced: it’s stellar.

1. Halo 5

This may come as no surprise to those who know me (I mean, I love the halo franchise so much I’m considering getting a tattoo), but Halo 5 has reinvigorated my love and passion for the franchise. Halo 4 burned me out; it was truly a mediocre game that was capable, but boring. Halo 5 on the other hand is so addictive that I’ve invested countless nights and hundreds of hours into the multiplayer, and that doesn’t even include the campaign that I tirelessly finished on legendary alone. For fans of shooters on consoles, you can do no better at the moment than Halo 5; a truly landmark game that has kept me hooked since its release in October.

So there you go, my top 10 games of 2015. As with the previous 3 years, I’m going to be continuing to complete a game a week, with a weekly article going up as standard. I’ve done 156 articles so far, and I’m not going to stop anytime soon.

So tune in next year (and next week) for my coverage on games I’m completing, along with new opinion pieces, and video articles I’ll soon be producing.

Thank you for your support, and have a fantastic Holiday.


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