Hi all! For this weeks Weekly Gaming, I take a look at EA/Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2. Whilst I don’t want to spoil the review too much, I should say that the game is absolutely sublime, and it’s a bloody shame that it hasn’t sold well at all. You can read my full review below: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/266335/titanfall-2-pc/ If I don’t speak to you beforehand, have a bloody fantastic Christmas, and I’ll see you back here again same time next Friday. -Dan

Hi all! So this week I take a look at Unravel, Coldwood Interactive’s first indie game. You can read the review over at VGChartz.com below: http://www.vgchartz.com/articles/adminnew/?task=edit&story=263431 I hope you enjoy! and by all means, if you agree, disagree, or want to start a conversation on Unravel, you can always comment below! -Dan

Given that the game come out back in 2013, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on EA’s latest and greatest for a while now, but given the amount of negative press the game received upon it’s release I decided to postpone it’s purchase until things quietened down. Given that the game was 35 on disk at Amazon recently, I decided to take the plunge, after my initial impressions of the game when it was free were timid, £5 seemed like the perfect price. I wasn’t too impressed with the original Battlefield 3 many years ago, so how has time aged this product? Well for starters, graphically, not a whole bunch. The game looks absolutely stunning at times, with the main characters detailed to such a degree that you can see the individual fibres in their hats and clothing. But this is all trickery, because for the vast majority of…

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I still remember the great days of Peggle, when I was introduced to it in my first year of uni. We all huddled around a friends laptop, competing between for hours laughing and cringing at insane luck and skillshots. Peggle was fantastic, so much so that I managed to get my whole family and a lot of friends hooked on it upon my return to Banbury. I downloaded the game on 5 different platforms, with it still to this day being the only game on my iPod video, a huge achievement for any game I might add (seriously, that device was NOT made for playing games). When I heard that Peggle was finally getting a sequel, I was overwhelmed, until I read that it was going to be exclusive to Xbox One that is. It sucked, here was a game I would have willingly given EA/Popcap the full amount they…

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Hi all! This week I took a look at The Sims 4 by EA, the latest in their long line of Sims sequels. I had mixed feelings about it, and even disliked a lot of the changes that had been made, but read the review to find out my true feelings. Edit:  Apologies, I seem to have forgotten to include the link to my review, here it is: http://www.gamrreview.com/review/91954/the-sims-4-pc As for Twixel, this week I’ve been working on a new touch method for iOS and Android, and have been implementing a new credits screen. I’m also hoping to have a trailer and poster ready for next weeks Eurogamer, considering it would have been a year since I attended it last. I’ll be writing up quite a few articles for Eurogamer next week, so look out over at GamrReview.com to see everything I write. Thanks again for your continued support, Dan


  Given the amount of hype TitanFall has received since its debut at E3 last year, I had to give the game a go on release day to see what all the fuss was about. Without thinking, I slammed £25 into the Origin edition from CDKeys.com and preloaded it onto my machine days before launch. With a download size of 50GB, and a host of games sites going crazy for its imminent release, I hoped the money was worth it. After 42 hours of game time later, I suppose I can say that I have a few opinions on the game, and whether you should purchase it or not. First up: TitanFall is a multiplayer only game, and although it comes with a campaign mode, it’s little, if anything worth mentioning. Upon starting Titanfall, you’re greeted with a main menu which has very few options. Pressing start brings you to…

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Crysis was the brilliant successor to Far Cry, a game that was original and ground breaking for its time. Giving you the ability to approach any mission how you liked, Fay Cry set a trend that the games industry would follow for quite some time, Crysis took the torch and continued this trend to new heights. Crysis 2 was only the natural successor that took this torch to a new audience: the console gamer. In order to cater to this new gamer, the Crytek team had to dramatically change a lot of what made Crysis, Crysis. It was a shame, but a necessary evil to cater to this new market of customers, so the nano suit was revised to make for quick and easy allocation of powers, and the graphics were scaled down to compensate for the console’s lack of power. Don’t get me wrong, Crysis 2 is still a…

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Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s about time, is the sequel to the hit franchise, Plants Vs zombies, a game that came out of nowhere but left a lot of gamers, casual and hardcore alike, wanting more. PvZ 2 has already changed in big ways compared to its predecessor, being a iOS exclusive for the foreseeable future, and changing the way the game is bought, and in turn, played. Is this sequel a fantastic instalment in Pop caps ambition to become the best casual developer out there? Or have they over-reached their mark? The premise of PvZ 2 is simple: Zombies continue to bombard your house, wanting to eat brains, but the main antagonist this time is Dave, the crazy shop merchant from last time. Dave just ate the best taco he’s ever eaten, and instead of making another, decides it’s easier to travel back in time to eat the exact…

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Dead Space 2 gave me a mixed bag of emotions from start to finish. I loved the first game, playing through it twice to get all the achievements, and even loving the fiction to the point of downloading both downloadable games, as well as watching both of the animated films. I felt the church of unitology was a perfect reflection of the christian church of today, and the fiction behind humans having to destroy planets for resources a great view of what may one day happen. So as you can imagine I was looking forward to putting Dead Space 2 in finally and pushing on with Isaacs story, turns out my excitement would turn to disappointment. Now don’t get me wrong, Dead Space 2 isn’t a bad game by any means, it’s just a game that shows the first signs of EA getting their grubby little paws into a fairly original…

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