Carrying on with my moniker of playing old games I’ve always wanted to, I found the Unfinished Swan had been released on Playstation Vita and PS4. At £5, I couldn’t miss the offer of finally giving the game a go in stunning 1080p 60fps, considering I’ve always heard it’s an artistic game. Having completed the game and collecting majority of the collectibles, I feel I should give some opinions on the quality of the game and how I felt my time with it went. The story of The Unfinished Swan was unique and lovely, comprising of a little boy who’s mother has recently passed away, and is only able to take one of her many unfinished paintings with him. The painting he chooses is the Unfinished Swan, a painting thats beautiful, but with a missing neck. It’s through these paintings that the story of The Unfinished Swan will unravel, with the…

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Hi all, This weeks post (technically last weeks), is a little later than usual as I was in Rome for the whole week for my Birthday, and whilst it was an extremely enjoyable holiday and a much needed rest, I’m back on with all the work that’s needed to be done. If you’d like to read the review over at GamrReview, click the link below: Over the coming weeks I’ll be reviewing Never Alone, Soul Axiom and The Lost City all within quick succession, allowing me to concentrate on Twixel to reach my 18/12/2014 release date. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a shout! Dan

Hi all, So recently I’ve been extremely busy with making my game, as it’s due to be released on the 18th of November. These are scary times for me, but in the interim, I managed to fit in some playtime of Driveclub for the PS4. To read the review, head on over to GamrReview at my link below: A lot of people don’t like the review and the score I gave it, but I stand by everything I wrote. At the end of the day, Driveclub was not a good game for me, despite how excited I was to play it since it was first announced in 2013. Regardless, I’ll be posting some updates soon on where to find my game online, Til next time guys and gals! Dan


Having recently purchased a PS4, I decided that I needed to see some of the games that were available for it. Looking around on the PSN Store I found Entwined, a game I recall seeing at the E3 press conference just a few months ago. The game has a similar mechanic not unlike my own where players control two characters on screen at once ensuring that they’re pushed to the limits in getting the hang of controlling two independent characters. The game was only £6.49, and cross compatible on PS3, PS Vita and PS4, so I decided to take the plunge, as I recall the game was made by a bunch of University students that I can’t help but feel aren’t too dis-similar to myself, and at the end of the day, £6.49 for me is nothing, but that could make the world of difference to the team over at Pixelopus.…

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