Weekly Gaming: Cuphead (Xbox One)

Weekly Gaming: Cuphead (Xbox One)

Hi all!

So as per my previous post, I apologise that this is a little late! October flew by, so much so I genuinely cannot believe it’s already November and I’m off to Japan this week!

Posts will still continue (as I’ll schedule them ahead of time), but otherwise I’ll be on the other side of the world!

Right, less catching up, and more reviewing. This week I take a look at Cuphead, the (long delayed) game from Studio MDHR, whose visuals are sure to delight gamers and non-gamers the world over. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Cuphead’s world, and whilst I disagree at everyone’s statement about it’s difficulty, I still felt it was a fantastic game which is challenging – not hard.

For clarification on how I feel hard and challenging are two different things, you can read my full review below over at VGchartz.com:


Until next time!


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