Weekly Gaming: 4PM (PC)

Weekly Gaming: 4PM (PC)

Hi all,

So another week has come and gone, and yet again I have another review for you over at GamrReview.com. You can read it at the following address:


A few updates about my game. I’m currently in talks with a fantastic artist who I’ve met at a few conventions now for a really good soundtrack. I should have more details soon, but either way I’m extremely excited.

This week I’ll be reconfiguring the collision detection system, as it seems I have a few bugs to work out (like the fact the cube moves BEFORE the collision detection system says it can or not). I’ll be cracking on with that all weekend, so hopefully by this time next week my game should finally feel how it will in the end.

I’m also hoping within the next two weeks to make a tutorial level for the first time you ever play the game, so look for this the next time you boot it up.

And that about does it for updates for now. To everyone who reads this stuff, thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated.


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