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Weekly Gaming: Hohokum (PS4)

I remember seeing Hohokum announced for the PS4 before the consoles inevitable release. It was charming to watch in action, but I couldn’t help but feel confused as to what the game was actually about. Here was a tadpole-like creature that was going around weird but colourful worlds in a seemingly random fashion. Needless to

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Weekly Gaming: Cibele (PC)

Losing your virginity; it’s a deeply personal experience, and one which rarely gets mentioned in all forms of media. There’s a reason; this awkward first time is meant to prepare you for a lifetime of sexual encounters, so it’s hugely intimate and infinitely personal. So imagine my surprise when a game is made that goes

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Weekly Gaming: Lumo (PC)

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well. This ones a bit late, as I forgot that I had reviewed the game but never published it on here! So for this week, enjoy my video and written review for Lumo, a classic isometric platformer that I enjoyed, but felt was quite flawed. http://www.vgchartz.com/article/264425/lumo-pc/ Apologies if

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