Weekly Gaming: It’s Quiz Time (Xbox One)

Weekly Gaming: It’s Quiz Time (Xbox One)

It’s been a while since I last played a quiz game, especially one that I can play with family and friends. In fact, it’s thanks to my friends that It’s Quiz Time even come on my radar at all. After a great catch up around their house they proceeded to ask me if I enjoy quiz games and whether I’d be interested in playing one on the xbox, with my iPhone as the controller. Intrigued I jumped at the idea, and proceeded to have a great time answering questions and losing terribly, all in the name of catching up with old friends and having a good time.

Fast forward a few weeks and another set of friends were wondering what we could do at a meet up. Thinking back, I recalled it’s quiz time, and how it’d be really useful at this encounter due to it’s control scheme of using each players mobile phone as the personal controller. So, £15 later we had bought the game and within another half an hour we were all playing it whilst drinking the night away.

So what is It’s quiz time? As can probably be told by my introduction and the game’s title, it’s a quiz game for the Xbox One, with the main premise of the game being to download a standalone app on your respective phone, and then answer the question accordingly without no one else knowing. It’s Quiz Time comprises of over 25,000 questions, so it’s rare you’ll see the same question twice. An advantage the constant internet connection employs.

As should now be obvious, I love the fact that each player uses their mobile phone as the controller. It makes It’s Quiz time feel all the more personal, especially since other players can’t see what answers you’re giving until it’s already on the TV. The fact as well that you each have your own usernames and the AI host recognises you from previous games just adds the cherry on the cake on personalising your experience. For example, in games where we had someone older than the rest, the AI would consistently comment on their age, saying they were a little older.

But, a quiz game is only as good as it’s questions, and thankfully, It’s Quiz Time has done a fantastic job of customising the questions to your age group. For example, if you were to put your age as 60, your choice of questions could be anything from the last 60 years, but should you say you’re younger then you’ll only get more recent questions from pop culture. This differentiator makes the game so much more enjoyable, especially since you get to always feel like you’re participating in the game, regardless of your age or knowledge.

The rounds of questions are pretty cool, and have enough variety that the game is a joy to play everytime. Some rounds require you deciding whether one player will be able to answer a question correctly, whilst others are general intelligence for everyone. It’s quite a nice variety, and is definitely enough to keep the game entertaining after quite a few replays.

The mobile app is nice and responsive, and whilst it sucks that the app has to be connected to the internet rather than directly to the xbox itself, it does the job well. I could complain that it’s not like “That’s you”, which took advantage of the unique features mobile phones bring to consoles. I suppose that’s what you get for a cheap game, and one dedicated to quizzes and quizzes alone.

So overall, if you need a party game to entertain guests, you can’t go wrong with It’s Quiz Time. It has to be said that this new trend of playing party games using mobile phones on a common console is something of an amazing invention. Almost everyone these days has a games console, and being able to sit around it with your phone and have a laugh is fantastic. So all in all, I enjoyed It’s Quiz Time, and would recommend it to anyone, especially due it’s low cost.


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