Weekly Update: Evolve Alpha (Preview)

Weekly Update: Evolve Alpha (Preview)

Hi all,

So for this week I didn’t get around to completing a game as I’m working on Twixel too much, but I did manage to fit a bit of time in for playing the Evolve Alpha by Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games. If you want to take a look at my thoughts on the alpha, then please by all means follow the link below:


and to update you all on the progress of Twixel, I’ve just recently sent out a second test copy to testers, so I hope to hear feedback in the near future. I’ve changed the font used in most of the game, and have also made 4 additional levels that will be completely random. It’s all exciting and scary at the same time, so much so that I’m pretty sure I’m going to miss my release date unfortunately, but I’ll hammer on regardless.

Until next week!


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