Gaming Week 9: The Room (iOS)

Gaming Week 9: The Room (iOS)

The Room started off as a interest at first for me. After hearing Brad Shoemaker talk about it on the Giant Bombcast, I thought I’d give the iPhone game a go. I’m a firm believer that iPhone/portable games should be centred around challenges, and not be a cinematic experience that you can get on consoles. (Something I even researched and presented at my final year of uni.) The Room doesn’t break any ground in my thinking, but does offer a very entertaining experience for people of all backgrounds.

The Room is a puzzle game for iOS devices. For iPhone you get the first chapter for free (then have to pay £1.49 to continue) and for the iPad you have to pay £1.49 up front. For a game of it’s length (about 2 hours) this is a fair price, but from the sounds of things, there’ll be more content in coming weeks.

The beginning safe, not that interesting, but it gets better!

You start The Room with a safe in front of you. This safe can eventually be opened using only the materials around the safe itself. Each chapter/stage is another box within the safe which can then be opened to reveal another box. This is the structure of the game, one puzzle then leads onto another, more perplexing puzzle.

Puzzles are varied, and everything interconnects, so when a puzzle suddenly clicks, you feel like a genius, easily popping from side to side of the box to solve each solution. It’s a fantastic feeling, that entrances the player and keeps you going.

Puzzle solutions generally lead you to solve another mystery straight after.

There is a story to The Room, albeit it’s very vague. You come across letters throughout each box, which tell of a previous man that done the same as yourself. It’s a nice touch which at least suggests there’s more to this world than what meets the eye. Hopefully in the future we’ll get more levels which dig deeper into the fiction of this world.


  • Fantastic Puzzler
  • Great Graphics for a iOS game


  • Very Short
  • Recommended to be played on iPad if possible (iPhone screen a tad bit small)

Overall The Room is a great buy for anyone looking for something to kill a few hours on their mobile device. It won’t be cinematic immersive, but will keep you immersed for that short amount of time due to the challenge of the puzzle.


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