My idea

My idea

So, these last few days I’ve been wanting to make something from scratch, but I feel the big game I want to make is too advanced for me right now, so I’ve decided to scale it back and make a platformer for now. This platformer will allow me to recall a lot of what I’ve learnt in Unity in the past, but will also allow me to learn some fundamental differences between developing 2 years ago at uni and developing now.

So my ideas for the new game are as follows:

  • Game will be a 2D side-scroller, with 3 levels tops.
  • Game will have 3 characters, each with unique abilities that can be swapped between at any time. (Enabling player to jump further, or be immune to a certain enemy.)
  • The game will have 3-4 different types of enemies.
  • There will be lives, a timer, and a progress tracker for progress through a stage.
  • All textures/characters/ 3D models will be made using Blender.

If I have enough time/feel the game isn’t good enough, I may invest some time into the following:

  • Alternate realities which the player can switch between in order to get past problems. (E.g. Water turns to lava in one dimension, but gravity is heavier.)

Today I started some of this using Unity, making a bunch of rudimentary cubes to make platforms, and a player cube that can be controlled. On top of this I made the camera linked to the player, so as the character progresses along the stage, the camera follows suit.

An example of my character jumping over a gap.

This will be a challenge, but that’s the point of all of this, so I can develop and improve my skills to one day make a game that people will love, and I can be proud of.

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