New Years Resolutions: Progress Report

New Years Resolutions: Progress Report

Hey all!

With tomorrow being the 27th week of the year (meaning today is exactly half way through the year!), I’ve decided to give an update on my New Years Resolutions (just as I did last year).

But first, I must apologise. I have no idea how or why, but I didn’t seem to post my New Years Resolutions on here back in January. I’ve kept up to date with next to everything else this year, so why this slipped my mind is beyond me!

Anyway! Without further ado, by all means see my New Years Resolutions for the first time along with my progress on them – As with last years progress update, I’ll colour code each bullet point with the following:

Green = Completed

Orange = In progress

Red = Not started

  • Complete and Review 52 Games On – 40 Completed So Far

Well, if you check back, I’ve certainly been keeping to this resolution! I have to say, even when everything else in my life starts to fall apart, or time flies by, I will always make sure to keep to this resolution as it gives me a sense of fulfilment 🙂

  • Read 24 Books – 16 Read So Far

So far up to 16 books read! Doing a great job so far, and enjoying the extra time away from a monitor.

  • Watch The Walking Dead – Success!

This has been on my mind for a while now, especially with friends and family constantly telling me how good it was. So at the start of the year I managed to watch all seasons of this fantastic TV show. Now I just have to await the next season at the end of the year…..

  • Get Teeth Sorted – Have Not Started

Now that I have a bit of savings behind me, and with future ambitions to emigrate to America, I should really get on with getting braces so that I can straighten out my teeth. I’ve been putting this off for far too long, especially with my 30th birthday fat approaching next year.

  • Produce 1 Video Article Per Month – Failed

Unfortunately, whilst I began working on this project:

I soon stopped. This was due to myself talking with third parties and asking if they could edit my videos. I also had a few articles prepared, but due to them containing a lot of content relating to interviews with people in the industry (that never got back to me), it all fell over. I’ll start this back up again soon, but for now I can certainly say I failed to produce one video article a month.

  • Make A New Game – In Progress

Whilst I haven’t shared much about my latest project, I can confirm it is definitely in the works, with my latest prototype being shown on my youtube channel:

I’m currently working with a fantastic artist, so whilst I’m excited about this project, my project now relies on two people, which could add time to it’s release date. In the meantime, I’m going to work on a couple of small projects, ranging from a day in my life (tiny project where you live a day in my life), to other little arcade games.

  • Watch 26 New Films – 23 Watched So Far

This has been far too easy. I mean, films take 2 hours (maybe 3 at a stretch) so are no where near the same time commitment of my other projects. Will definitely succeed in this.

  • Visit 2 New Countries – Slovakia and Austria

This was fantastic, and was done at the same time as I travelled to Bratislava with my other half. Due to how close Bratislava is to Vienna, we stayed in Bratislava the whole time (which is extremely cheap) and just took a cheap €5 bus to vienna twice. This was a fantastic holiday, and I’m sure it’s not going to be the last. I have plans to visit Norway and many other places before the end of the year.

  • Produce 1 Video Review Per Month – 6 Done So Far

Whilst I may have been unssuccessful with my video articles, I’ve definitely kept up with my video reviews. This thankfully goes hand in hand with my written reviews, so apart from spending 3-4 hours editing the footage I recorded after the fact, it doesn’t take too much time to accomplish.

  • Visit E3 – Failed

Whilst it’s been my dream to visit the famed conference for years, after speaking with my editor and other writers at VGChartz, I found that if I wanted to attend I’d have to fund the entire trip myself. This, along with the fact lots of companies have pulled out of E3, pushed me into deciding not to attend the awesome games conference. There’s always next year…..

  • Visit EGX Birmingham – Not hosted until September

Due to the event not being scheduled until September, I can’t exactly say I’ve done this. Will update at the end of the year.

  • Visit EGX Rezzed – Done!

The conference was great, and as a result I managed to write the following articles:

  • Get New Tattoo – Not Started

As per last year, getting a new tattoo is still on my mind, I’m just trying to make sure I get another I’ll love until the grave. Watch this space – I expect to make a decision before years end.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all doing well in your endeavours!


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