Weekly Gaming: The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 (PC) SPOILERS!!!

Weekly Gaming: The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 (PC) SPOILERS!!!
With Episode 3 leaving on a high point in my books, ensuring I felt a little more for the characters and was genuinely interested in where they would go, I was looking forward to playing episode 4, will it suffice to my expectations?

After enjoying Episode 3 last week, I was looking forward to getting my teeth into episode 4, with the shit storm 3 left us with. For those of you who haven’t played, Episode 3 finished with the group managing to escape from the superstore and start making their way through the hoard of zombies disguised as zombies themselves with Zombie guts all over them. You finally come across radia? who has been bitten by a zombie, and its your choice whether to cut her arm off or to kill the zombie biting her. As I’ve been playing this season through as fairly heartless and logical, I went for her arm, ensuring she wouldn’t get infected and would at least live to see another day.

Episode 4 begins with telling you whether your decision was meaningless and stupid regardless, just to ensure you have fights and tension later on with the rest of the survivors. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, we all knew that radia couldn’t survive amongst the hoard whilst either bitten or bleeding profusely, but it was how they treated and made Kenny act afterwards that truly was annoying. He becomes a mess, blaming it all on yourself (Clementine), and causes tension in the group where there should be none. It felt extremely contrived, which I suppose is a given at this point considering some of the flaws in the plot so far, but it still felt weird to have something so logically correct be reduced to a problem later on purely for story-tellings point.

The opening of episode 4 takes off right where the action got started in episode 3, ensuring players are able to go through one of the most daunting experiences of the season so far. Amongst all of the zombies, people break down, and tensions are high, ensuring the start of the episode has the most action of the series so far.

Once the zombie hoard is done, it’s then a case of reuniting with the group¬†whilst Rebecca struggles with her labour. This is where you’ll get the chance to get to know a fairly unknown character in the series so far: Jane. Jane is a master when it comes to killing zombies and surviving, meaning she’s fantastic for clementine to be hanging around to learn more survival skills. Jane will teach you a few killing techniques, like kicking a zombies leg then stabbing them in the back of the head with a screwdriver to get the job done. You’ll spend 20 minutes going around a trailer park killing zombies with Jane at your side, trying to find the others. Eventually, you’ll come across Luke and Sarah, who are held up by zombies covering a trailer. You manage to rescue them, but its here that you’ll have the option to save or kill Sarah, who seems to have lost her mind and cannot physically move when the zombies are coming. I managed to save her, but it seems like either way, she was going to die, with the player having no ability to change this outcome. You aren’t applauded for saving her, and if anything are actually told you made the wrong decision later on.

Once you’re back at the camp, the Rebecca is definitely in labour, and so the group will have to find a safe place for her to have the baby. I decided to team up with Jane again, given how useful she is and how found of her character I was becoming. Going with her we found a man that we robbed for his drugs, whilst also finding a whole store and gift shop on a second floor, ensuring zombies wouldn’t be able to get to us. It was during this sequence that we started to see some of the flaws in Jane’s character, with her becoming quite angry and a bit unpredictable at the touch of a button. Clementine was then tasked with finding the others and telling them of the store, which gave me a chance to learn a bit more about everyone else in the group. A bit of playing was done, and we found a jacket which would come in handy for Rebecca during the childbirth, but nothing story wise happened, it was all more for character building, something that makes me sceptical as it could only mean these characters are going to be killed so soon after I get to know them.

Rebecca manages to finally have her baby, much to the delight of Kenny, who becomes somewhat weird in his maternal instinct towards this newborn. The baby is certainly going to come with his own challenges for the group.

Finally, the hoard comes, and after some action of holding the zombies back, Rebecca finally manages to have her baby. In doing so, the group seems to relax a little, but they’re not out of the woods yet, with many having not eaten in days, and Rebecca getting weaker all the time. The group decides to move out, at which point they’re greeted by the gentleman we robbed earlier, who’s brought with him a group of russian gangsters that all have guns pointing to our heads. The situation gets a little out of hand, with Rebecca zombifying by the minute, Clementine is given the decision to kill her or shout for help. Yet again I done the logical thing which was to shoot her, which then ended the episode with gunfire going off from all sides. I can’t help but feel that this was only written into the episode¬†to ensure most people died out before the final episode, as the group was fairly large,

The episode overall was alright, I enjoyed the character building moments that allowed clementine to learn more skills but to also think on who she can and can’t trust in the group, and what she should do if worst comes to worse. I don’t feel this one was as strong as the previous one, but it certainly sets the series up for a nice finale. One thing kept bugging me though through my playthrough, was on how I didn’t really care about the character too much and was making more logical decisions than emotional ones. I can’t help but think that in the first season all the group you joined up with were in the same situation, you had been together through the start of the walkers and were a tight knit group, making peoples deaths all the more emotional. In this season Clementine is introduced to a group of strangers that already know each other: they’ve been through their hardships and have trust in one another. The entire season so far has just made me feel like an outsider, not thinking about the group and constantly thinking about myself, something the writers may have realised and worried about in the games development. I dunno, I’m just throwing that out there as it just keeps bugging me that I don’t have the same connections to characters as before. I suppose we’ll see next week how things pan out.


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