Twixel is now available on Steam!

You can buy my first commercial game, Twixel, for PC and Mac!

Project Dandelion

Project Dandelion, my first test project that I'll come back to at a later date.

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Twixel (PC + Mac)

Twixel, my first commercial game. Available now on iOS, Android & PC.

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About Caesoose

Click here to learn all about Caesoose Studios and its creator, Daniel Carreras

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New Years Resolution

This coming year, my new years resolution was to play/complete at least 1 game or book a week. The reason for this has been a long time coming; I have a collection of 200+ games, 90% of which I haven’t even touched or completed. This will be a challenge, some games will be easy, but

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First thoughts: New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)

I’ve only played NSMB2 for about 2 hours, and it hasn’t exactly rubbed me off the right way. See, Super Mario 3D Land was fantastic, I played it so much and didn’t wanna stop until I had collected everything. I played through the game twice, both as Mario and Luigi, got every star coin, and

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